School Information

Headteacher: Mrs N. Cule

Deputy Headteacher: Mr S O'Connell

Foundation Phase

Nursery: Mrs K Parsons       

Reception Class 1   Mrs V.Noble

Year 1 Class 2   Mrs Z Burton and Mr A Goddard            Year 1/2 Class 3 Mrs L Sanderson       

Year 2 Class 4  Mrs Z.Aherne

Key Stage 2

Year 3 Class 5 Miss S Francis                             Year 3 / 4 Class 6  Mr O Greenow

Year 4 Class 7  Mrs M Hibbert

Year 5 / 6  Class 8 Mr S O'Connell and Mrs R Longley      Year 5/ 6  Class 9 Miss C Bosomworth                

Year 5/ 6 Class 10  Mr M Heritage

ALN: Mrs J. Rose

PPA  - Mrs J Jarvis

Learning Support Assistants:

Mrs D. Everall                                                 Miss K. Smith                     Mrs T Watts                                   Mrs J. Sydenham                                            Mrs E. O'Brien                  Mrs G. Williams                 

Miss L. Campbell                                            Mrs T.Rees                        Miss A Curtis

Mrs S Stevens                                                 Mrs S Beer                                         

School Administrative Officer: Mrs C. Brookman               Administrative Assistant: Miss A. Davies

School Caretaker: Mr D Page

Head Cook: Mrs C. King