Colcot Primary School


The teacher of Class 10 is Mr Heritage who is supported by our LSAs Miss Curtis and Miss Kinzee.

In the Autumn Term our new topics will be Hola Mexico and Gallery Rebel.  During Hola Mexico we will be exploring the unique country, from its towering temples and stunning geography; to its pulsing rhythms and fun packed festivals.

When we study Gallery Rebel we will be exploring weird and wonderful ways to explore texture and emotion within the art using a range of mediums. We will be learning about the bizarre and eccentric minds of the gallery rebels.

Some useful information regarding Class 10:


Your child will receive homework each Friday which will have a project focus. This will need to be completed and handed in by the following Wednesday. In addition to this homework the children will be expected to read at home frequently and where possible with an adult. During Autumn 2, spellings will also be handed out and the children are encouraged to use the Look, Cover, Write, Check strategy to learn them. Every Friday the children will also be given a times tables test. There may also be mathematical facts and strategies to learn and practise each week to help with the learning in the classroom. You can help them at home by testing their mental recall of these important number facts.


The children are required to wear a change of kit for PE lessons. We encourage the children to wear appropriate kit and footwear. Our class usually have PE on a Monday but we would like the children to bring their PE kit in on a Monday and take it home on Friday in case opportunities for additional PE sessions arise.


We would like to remind you that as a healthy school our policy is that the children bring in a healthy snack daily from Monday to Friday. Water bottles should be brought in so that your child is kept hydrated throughout the day.

 Please watch our video of our celebration of Hola Mexico during our Family Session. We are very proud of what we achieved!

 View our video of all of our learning over the last half a term. We thoroughly enjoyed learning about Mexico!