Governor                          Appointed By                                        Term of Office Ends 

Mrs N E Cule                    Headteacher   

Ms T Watts                       Co-opted Governor                               3.11.2018

Mr Mike Holmes                Community                                            6.9.2018

Mrs C J Brookman            Non-Teaching Staff Governor               3.11.2018

Mrs N Gooderham            Parent Governor                                   13.11.2020

Mr T Lloyd                        Parent Governor                                    13.11.2020

Mr S O'Connell                 Teacher Representative                         25.06.2021

Mrs L Sanderson              Teacher Representative                        1.02.2020

Mr M Peplow                    Community (Chair)                                 3.11.2018

Mrs M Wilkinson               LEA                                                        3.11.2020

Mrs C Curtis                     MAR                                          ,            6.09.2020

Mrs A Randall                  Parent Governor                                    14.11.2020

Mr Williams                      Community    (Vice Chair)                       30.5.2016 

Mrs Williams                     LEA                                                        15.10.2020  

Chair of Governors:                                                                   Clerk to Governors: 
Mr M Peplow                                                                             Mrs J Western

41 Ffordd Cwm Cidi,  

Woodland Rise,   


“The Governing Body fulfils its statutory obligations effectively.  Governors support the school conscientiously and know about the performance of the pupils.” 
Estyn Inspection 2010