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Whole School Approach to Emotional and Mental Well-Being

A Well-Being Team was set up at the beginning of the 2021-22 academic year to help the school in its participation in an All-Wales pilot programme to improve well-being in schools.
The Well-Being Team are:
Mr O’Connell   Ms Parsons    Mrs Sydenham    Mrs Hibbert and Carys Turner (Parent Governor)


Our Short Term Priorities:

  1. Our school can demonstrate how it ensures that all staff are actively engaged and involved in decisions that impact on school life.
  2. Our school can demonstrate how it supports staff in maintaining and improving their emotional and mental well-being, and has a network of support in place for staff who are experiencing emotional and mental well-being problems to enable them to access appropriate help and support.
  3. Our school has considered the skills and competencies required by staff in undertaking their role to support emotional and mental well-being in our school and has a process in place to ensure they are able to develop and maintain these.
  4. Our school provides easy access to a range of support services appropriate to individual needs both within and outside the school, and staff who undertake specific roles in relation to emotional and mental well-being have access to professional support and supervision appropriate to their role.
We have collected evidence, including pupil, parent and staff questionnaire feedback, and worked through a Self-Assessment Toolkit in order to identify key priorities for a Well-Being Action Plan for the short term and also a Strategic Plan for the next 2/3 years.
The Well-Being Team have worked through 8 sections on the Self Assessment Toolkit which covers these important areas of school life:
  1. Leadership and Commitment
  2. Understanding Emotional/Well-Being needs of staff and learners
  3. Involvement and Engagement – community involvement in the day to day life of the school
  4. Supporting the workforce – supporting staff to maintain their own well-being and effectively promote emotional and well-being in others
  5. Relationships-recognising the importance of relationships and connectedness in underpinning good emotional and mental well-being
  6. Help and Support Services – school recognising issues and accessing appropriate support
  7. School environment/facilities – the school environment promotes good emotional well-being
  8. Curriculum – teaching and learning strategies demonstrate a clear understanding of the importance of building strong foundations for good emotional and mental well-being

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